Gaman( going)

i had written this piece some months back in Hindi. Today, i came across it.

I saw a serious,subtle story. its name is Gaman. it means to go. maybe to go away forever. To be deprived of one’s family, roads, villages, warmth,friendship and humanity. Ghulam was forced by poverty to come to Bombay. The glittery, beautiful city could give him only taxi, bed & khaki uniform.  he use to sent borrowed money to his old mother & quiet wife( khartun).Remembering them, he drove strangers to their destinations. He was worried that he too,could suffer a unknown, merciless end like Ramu kaka.


His innermost desire was to leave everything ,go to the door of his house, take the hand of his mother &  express his love to khartun. but poverty doesn’t permit him. it has swallowed his dear friend, Lalu too.



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