Will this Progress end?

I was thinking of studying today. Did try to see some topics. The book was talking about development. What is development ?. It is improvement/ progress. Rise in percapita income, access to nutrition, healthcare,education for human wellbeing. Per capita income underestimates leisure, mom’s work and overestimates wastage by govt, false needs by advertising.It was also mentioned that per capita income doesn’t automatically lead to increase in human happiness.

It was quite ironic. Our education is bent on increasing our capacity to work effeciently.To earn well. To consume well. It grades workers in to categories : A,B,C,D,E,F. The workers are then told fatalistically that their can’t be mobility within the groups. The ‘topper’ will be able to sell himself well. The last kid is doomed to do low end jobs or even kill himself. ¬†There is no room given to alternatives: like calm mind, simple living, staying still for a while, empathising,communicating with our fellows, experiencing nature, being non busy at times, tasting the dish with ease, to the care and love which we give and recieve. The workers are facing nervous breakdown. There life is planned for only one purpose which is given to them. The meeting of failure to produce effeciently, accelerate angst and despair. They have accepted their fate given to them by the economy. Surviving on some addictions: drugs, drinks, pills,bribes- the prostitution of the soul continues. The fellow workers also are very lost. The fatalism is passed on to his family. This dead being is escaping from his angst. Trying to run after a never ending race to the bottom. His essence has overtaken him completely. Will he/ she be trapped in this cycle of production, consumption and investment forever. Will the worker have a dasein?. Will the condemnation to be free cause him to land up in more dilemmas?


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