It’s okay to be fear

I would tell you an anecdote that happened few months ago. Mother was suffering from a mild stomach ache. Her first reaction, like many of us, is to chalk out escape routes from any form of, she began calling others to get pyschological comfort.her voice was quite rushy and anxious. I was sitting relaxed near her. I told her why is she calling so many people. This question irked her. She stared at me, telling me I had no senstivity. I said, it’s pain. Why can’t we live with it, rather than run away. She finally thought it to be a new perspective for her. It did calm her a bit, much more than friendly advices.


Another instance I read about, impacted me deeply about fear. Goldstein, once went to a meditation retreat under a teacher. He had to find meaning of seemingly irrational couplets. The teacher was time and again telling him , that his reply wasn’t correct. His last task, was to find answer to a sutra. He decided to recite a sutra. When he went to the teacher, he jumbled up the recitation. This was because, he had past fear in his childhood, over reciting poetry. When he messed it up, his teacher told him, this was perfect. It was the exposure of the rawness, vulnerability which he actually experienced. A state of groundlessness, when the rug is pulled, when you can’t cover it up. It has the fruits of deep anxiety but also opens doors of knowing about our own selves better.

It makes us understand that life can’t be planned. It has its own course, if we can live with it as it is, we can explore much more. The need for ground, makes us resist the tides. Accept the waves, start surfing on it. The obstacle is the path!


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