Death is an inevitable fact. It is the completion of the cycle of birth. For eg, coffee pleasantly prepared also departs fulfilling us, so is death. Or when we go to a concert,we don’t know when it will end, but we are full of excitement for the music. There is no grudging when it ends, as we have enjoyed it fully.

But why is it that most of us live casually, as immortal beings. When death arrives, our baggage is still very heavy, our eyes wide open, mouth pleading for more time, hair messed up and heart thumping madly with fear. Why can’t we welcome death as we celebrate a child’s birthday every year.

This culture of fear, can be seen as we are deeply attached to what we have accumulated in life- family,wealth, food, body, ideas of self, beliefs etc.when death comes, it unsettles our life of stability. We are imprisoned in a begone past and the plans for the future. We are trapped in redundant habits and following traditions. There is no attention given to how we eat, walk,shit.It shows how illusionary is the fantasy world we have created. It doesn’t reason or appeal, just let’s go.

How do we face death?. I do remember it as a fact by seeing nature in acts of creation and end like coming of brilliant sunshine and it’s going away for night. I sometimes, repeat about death, when I tend to worry about future. Sometimes, death appears to be so relaxing, lying around and smiling. It humbles me about my limitedness, and I focus on what is. It is a good reminder to us all, that it’s better to live fully with small moments  for a day, than die like the king with his worries.










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