Illusions revered

I am in a agitated state. Today, I happen to go to a shopping complex. It was gigantic. One shop in particular caught my attention. It had shiny jars, huge vases, glasses in different patterns, golden spoons, tall candlestands etc. It was meant for the super rich to consume and show their status ( conspicuous consumption). My mind then swayed to the marvellous greek goddess statutes they had in the corridor. There were several fat gold painted pillars to support the structure. There was the framework of a old rail train containing numerous paintings of buddha, landscapes. A copy of a palace was also made in the food court. In the roof, they had put a mughal carpet. In the front, there were artificial water fountains with the colors surging down repeatedly.

When going back home, I recall how do we idolized this make believe structure. How very happily we relish this copy. There is an overawe looking at it. But people were not engaged in the deep orange radiance of the sun. They treated every day water in their taps as expendible. There is little joy in the real plants near us. So, there is a need to worship this matrix world, when we are lost in reality in a world of abstractions.we are unable to see that what we are buying is a shady replica mass produced in a factory. It doesn’t lead to richness in our living. The stores also look so similar inspite of their branding. The arrangement of items is square cubicals like the ones where people work. There is high similarity in the mannerisms of the salespersons.they are generally poor under wage slavery  , forced to utter respect to strangers. There is a strict gender system followed with different sections for man, woman. The color shades are also stereotyped. The mannequins keep staring back at you to suggest you to follow them. To be faceless, nameless, polished robots ready to exhibit the brand. After a point, seeing them becomes a mental torment. The light ,water, land used in these places is monstrous given the fact when most of the individuals don’t have shelter,food and right to live fully. It is intolerable, the way humans have been celebrating such high degrees of brutality by creating these artificial shining turrets when the rest of the world is starkly naked.


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