Critique of Language


Today,just picked up brilliant chapter on language by Zerzan. Then, i did try it out. its simply mind-boggling how we tend to forget, ignore the role words ply in our life.I have number of times experienced the futility of terms. it doesn’t express the diverse emotions, sense perceptions, unity felt by people.

words create gaps between wht we experience . it makes life full of abstractions-lifeless. i separate myself from my living by sying ‘i walk’, ‘i enjoy’ etc. this feeling mkes us feel      alienated from our own-selves ,with others, nature. we tend to get swayed by words easily without paying attention to the intentions. for eg, politicians,gurus etc.there is also our own hypocrisy like the society. wht is stated is different from our actions. eg- we say we love ,but send the kids to war, there is discrimination, killing of the ‘other'( gender, race, nations, caste,species).

i think we must move beyond words to know everything round us. to actually live life of wholeness & grace – we must understand unity of everybody . there is no division between observor & observed. we are the river, the birds, the consciousness , the different colors of the rainbow, the richness of the world with all the marvelous senses.


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