Listen, Learn,Live


Today, my mother’s student came to meet. He was experiencing  perplexing situation. His dad was dissatisfied with him because he wasn’t getting a job. He felt ashamed of his condition by saying that ‘i m useless’. I didn’t knew what to do to make him feel better. so, i just listened. it opened me to so many qualities that were hidden inside him. we see people in this age by their outer cover. rarely do we communicate deeply with others. our conditioning makes us limit us to position, money,other trivialities.  there is tendency to see the world only through our own narrow experiences ,impose it on people.

I discovered that he had so much potentially. but how society is destroying him in name of stability,comparison etc. he felt bit relaxed. i did feel like he had made me wiser today. the world is so much more peaceful if we accept each other just by changing the way we see. It has unexplored terrains of love where we can sow seeds of presence.



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