There are three major causation theories in Indian philosophy.

lets begin with the first two theories given by sankhya & nyaya respectively. sankhya theory says that effect preexist in cause or cause has potential in itself to produce effects like seed has ability to grow into plant. this self development theory inspired me. it suggest humans too have capacity to evolve naturally without need for external agency. the nyaya causation  states that effect is different from cause. cause requires external agency to create effect . for eg, theist suggest that world created by god using matter; clay becomes pot by skill of potter. there can be role of others too in individuals development. but experience suggests that human society has distorted  man   making him violent , destructive.

Buddhism takes middle route, it considers change & continuity simultaneously. effect is different from cause but it has elements of identity. like suffering is caused due to ignorance & ends by following eight fold path.






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