How to learn???



Number of us ,Think that we have wasted precious time, wealth, sweat, mind aches , back breaks trying to receive and acquaint ourselves with a way to read, write, get grades and most importantly LEARN.

The learning part is extremely contestable. our methods of knowing and skilling our minds is limited given the way we are taught. Also, adults generally tend to stop learning much when they began going to work.

I would like to break the phobia associated by focussing on some methods.firstly the conventional methods used by most of the people are fairly predictable like underlining, making summary notes,repeated reading, cramming etc.recent pschyological research has proved that these methods are ineffective.the tax your mind without adding much to memory and analysis. Underlining is the most easy one, where there is no effort put on understanding. Summary notes don’t lead us to create new , creative information. Rereading reduces the consolidation area needed for building on further knowledge.

Some old and new techniques when juggled together can work can transform the notion of reading as a chore to a joyful activity. I would list some of them:

1. Keep on asking why , why ??. Use it when applying prior knowledge. When asking this aspect – look holistically .for eg. The issue of juvenile crime- why is it happening?. Open up its various dimensions as causes- economic( poverty, meager opportunities), social ( gender stereotypes, peer pressure) political( ineffective laws), pschyological ( impulsive, immature age) etc. Further explore into the question : why should juveniles be given higher sentences or why should they be granted a second chance?.

2. Give space between what you are learning. Do it over a relatively longer timespan.this will not only enhance recall but also provide more depth to what one reads gradually.

3. Continual testing: the most feared element of study if applied properly can really enhance smart study. Trying taking test over what you study.more than focussing on attention to the question and it’s will automatically make you get some inputs.see improvements over time by analysing past performance.

4. verbalize the material to your own self: try recording it, speak it out loud, discuss with a friend. It leaves some scar behind by adding elements of humor

5. Prepare skeletons to questions that you does make you answer and also think in a structured, clean way.

6. Interlink : try to contrast, compare, combine, differentaite issues you are learning. Like: do markets and morals ho together.discuss with examples. illustrations and examples also help us build the structure well. Its sticks in our head more than jargons.i personally enjoy examples as mode of clearing concepts.

These are just few of the several innovations we can apply to boost our mind and help it’s grow organically to understand and also bring about changes in the world.


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