Sacred thoughts??


Have been busy these days. This very basic subject enticed me to write a post.

Daily life demands simple ,straightforward inferences and assumptions. We make patterns in our mind for survival like getting healthy vegetables, the weather forecast on TV, improved educational standards, fair society etc.the problem arises not when we make or accept such beliefs from others but when we try to justify it again and again inspite of contrary evidences. For instance , I was seeing the movie ‘ 12 angry men’. In it , there is a core belief reflected by most of the characters; an intense suspicion about the poor citizens who are considered to be criminals since birth. This belief becomes difficult to rebut as the characters are trying to manipulate the facts to fit their own story. Another equally effective analogy that can explain out tendency to adopt a fixed viewpoint is the ‘ six blind men’ story. There are six blind men who go to figure out an object. They touch different parts of it . Each claims a different reality: pillar, rope. The actual object is an elephant.

Our own myopic vision limits our interaction with reality. To solve this menace, we need to constantly challenge our core assumptions. It can be done by taking a diametrically opposite position from the generally accepted ideas. the freedom to meander with our thought can give us more space to generate even absurd propositions. Explorations like these shed off the dusting habits imposed by us which prevent us from realising our own latent capabilities. Let the door open ; reuse, recycle and convert waste into wealth









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