What you wear has once again being a favorite subject for hapless politicians. The European governments have begun to ban burkhini in beaches, pools.


The politicians have called it as oppressive,hindarance to integration. the liberal west is very resistant to allowing freedom to religious communities to practice their culture.

The another question that is important about Islamic Dress is about choice.is the burkha  wearing a matter of their individual independence or is it caused by heavy conditioning.then, the question of liberating them arises. For instance,a women living in Syria ,burnt the hijab after a terrorist organization went away.while, certain countries like Canada have permitted the dress for better integration.

The fundamental issue is that we have made culture as a matter of previlege. We want to homogenize the other.this has unduly lead to wars and rise of terrorist organization like Isis,taliban. Even if we want people to give up hijab ,it has to be done with love,concern and empathetic education. Ban in itself reflects severe punishment and fear.

In essence, all these variations of dress,food,thoughts doesn’t alter the fact that we are human beings common in spirit .












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