Sadhana:Relation of individual to the universe


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Understand the spirit of the words, beyond the letter

Heavy in mind,ailing in heart ,I came to tagore.his calm,gentle smile and hand on my shoulder lightened my baggage.

The poet whispers ‘don’t despair my child’. You are not merely a minute atom,you are the infinite universe. The all present brahma. You are the tree,the river,the hills,the budding flowers,the forest,the entire humanity. The direct seeing of reality will set you free. Freedom is in giving , not as a gift to be shared with love will grow like the healthy banyan tree.

The civilization tells you a different tells you,that man is within a fortress. Separate,aloof, alien in these strange must conquer,plunder the nature and other beings. individuals must fill up their bellies, be extravagant,glamorous. you attain more and more,by separating yourself from everything. The desire to dominate,creates more problems. Visibly more chemicals in soil, more economic progress, more doses of rituals, latest technologies. One comphereneds the universe partially, mistaking it as the whole. The beauty, richness, joy,harmony is lost.

Dearest,remember ” life is immense”. We are one in spirit.




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