Sadhana: soul consciousness


Presently humans are building huge walls. Splattered with greed, hatred, ambition, confusions,anxietes, sufferings. We carry on with these habits.the despondency born from this separation is immense. For relief , individuals seek gurus of religion, science,economics,politics. The gurus are themselves trapped in the ego, this mob of the savage becomes a universal phenomenon.

The treasure is within us.The ultimate synthesis. The unity of all these contradiction within the one. The brahma is sitting there, while we waste our life in perishables. worldy things are barriers to enter that land. it cannot be taught.when we directly encounter the soul as a flame of a light, we realise their is no gap, no division, no walls, no endless mazes to bridge by our will. The reality is in front, our blind selves travel abroad. That perception makes us free from bondage.we are the eternal, flowing river. The more one empties, more it is fresh and abundant.





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