‘ No’


Most of the time, we don’t want to listen to the fact. The addiction is getting us in the loop. like you eat garbage,you know it is harmful,still you continue. The final outcome is extinction.

The extinction of our own soul.

Excessive goody goody talk has become the order of the day. We want to be accepted as good. The extra sugar in the teacup makes it intolerable. Our frivolous chatter is actually destructive.we are giving our worst self. it makes the mind so very restless. We tend to get trapped as the imaginary pigeon. There is a noise ,but little touch of the souls. Even the words,become very cheap.

It’s perfectly sane to say a no. refuse to talk for heck of rubbing the vocal chords.lets be silent and speak thoughtfully. Let’s forget our intellectualism ,cleverness and even craving to be extrovert. Lets say the facts in a different manner which teach than injure. Let’s begin it’s now.  Talk and listen to refresh every second with sunlight of wisdom.



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