Vision of education

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What does it mean to educate?

It is a way to open the doors of the universe to mankind. The means to discover unknown treasures deep in the oceans,lands,sky ,our body and our heart.

Education is a not collecting facts. It is not a mechanical process to make our minds ballooned. It is a journey towards wisdom. With less books , a clear vision and a peaceful mind we shall become kind,sensitive beings

Specialization is undertaken to make people experts. But that expert can be still struggling with anger, envy, anxiety and confusions.we must recognize human beings in holistic ways. These everyday emotions must be moderated and channelized positively by meditation, mindfulness, yoga, empathy exercises .

Every child is an artist,the question is how to maintain it once he grows up. So, childs curiosity must be encouraged. creativity and innovation can be nurtured naturally by permitting risks and incentiving discoveries. This is the means to human progress and advanced civilization.

Education is still a prisoner to dull classrooms.we need to understand that the beauty of nature , home , streets, internet, villages to be arena of education. Anywhere by observing and interacting knowledge can enlighten us.

A human being logical side is overdeveloped while his creative side is still undernourished. Dance,music, theater, poetry, painting must also be equally promoted among all. this will cultivate a holistic personality and a joyous learning experience

Learning centered on exams and job is beneficial. bereft of values,it will create a chaotic society. secular values of love, harmony, kindness, compassion,cooperation must be promoted and practiced by educators and kids.

The sensitivity to nature is very essential.we are a part and parcel of the is interdependence of plants, animals and minerals.aggressive and apathetic damage is already harming our race.a genuine respect for nature and our fellow creatures by ensuring basic manners is urgently needed.example not using plastic, visiting parks, recycling and reusing old materials, less buying .

The body is the temple we have. a sloppy, diseased body will be a source of sorrow throughout our hinders work as well as leisure. A healthy body can be a means to a vital mind functioning well.sports can made a part of life by starting early and doing it also gives interesting opportunities to young ones to do what they love and earn livelihood. The country can also get soft power.

A fresh look towards education can also help our country solve numerous social ,economic and moral poverty,hunger, homelessness,discrimination on color,caste,sex, superstitions and orthodoxies. new mentally free and innovative youngsters can accept the challenge to make India, a messenger of peace and prosperity in the world.

A high degree of attention towards the weak and downtrodden must be focused in teaching. The students of low caste, oppressed sex and poor regions must be given adequate voice to sensitize others. Deeper communication and understanding are essential to appreciate differences and also respect each other’s. in a diverse country such a liberal atmosphere will only cement bonds based on care , brotherhood and togetherness.

Education can also make humans recognize that they are not only responsible citizens of a nation but also international citizens. So, we all will work together on issues of climate change,terrorism,drug abuse etc.

To transform the present situation.the first and foremost step must be to create a set of enlightened teachers. Proper training will contain technical and humanitarian values.the teacher is a facilitator and not a robot. The govt will have to restrict it’s power and procedures. With freedom,it can set performance standard. the childrens interest and participation can be encouraged naturally by love and care , not indifference.the children will blossom as flowers to fill the world with wonderful gardens.














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