Propaganda: misunderstanding


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Propaganda long evokes negative sentiments in us, the public. We have misgivings against this heavy word. Everything then appears a  conspiracy.

In particular, being from a middle class family, I also read English newspapers regularly.the news material is presented in such a convincing, rhetorical , emotional manner that I tend to get mislead frequently.

So, recently on Facebook, I posted on the propaganda by temples of learning. In furry, a excitement to discover this word and it’s wide usage arose to a high level. going through good reads, I found a old 1928 year book by  Edward beranys on propaganda

With little expectations , the book was started walking with me. In it, this word had no negative was proved that modern societies to be organized and well informed require tools like organizations,charity group, media groups, business lobbies. They are necessary in a set up where people have the, a expert minority use these tools to influence the supposedly irrational collective to bring about a orderly society. There is a high tendency of its misuse by forces like the state , businessman etc.for eg .the generating jingoism among the masses to fight against the perceived enemy, was done by a special committee founded by the state.  The other examples are about popularizing particular hairstyles, demand of insurance etc.

The book is still unfinished. it is a must read to wake up the public from their dangerous slumber of thinking they are autonomous and rational. There is the invisible tv out there that is watching you and controlling you as a machine. Not necessarily wicked, but as we know there has been major abuses of technologies to aggrandize power, spread rumors and make mockery of systems.








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