Lessons in philosophy

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The big lessons in life aren’t told in classrooms. It comes simply like a casual visitor in a warm slow morning.

Undoubtedly, I rely too much on books for learning the nuances of our life.so, a huge pile of books lay before me. Meditations, Lao Tzu, Seneca,Alan watts, Haiku, Tolstoy etc. These companions did teach me patiently.

I wanted to experiment with other sources as well. The most natural guide was mother nature. The gray, abundant sky met my eyes for time I can’t count. The handsome, fearless birds in groups revelled with me in the rain and the sun. trees greeted me with by bending and shedding their wings. My little heart got more than I wished.

Once while, visiting tedtalks on YouTube , I met a simple, smiling farmer. life isn’t a unending misery.it is a gift to be cherished.he simplified the basic needs of man : food, hut, clothes and medicines. returning again to the soil, away from the running town, he started saving seeds. Building a house in a year. Understanding clothes doesn’t define us.deriving medicines form earth itself. The most touching sentence was that the current society makes getting these basic needs very difficult.also, I learnt that one is unique, we needn’t follow. We have to define our own reality today in our own ways .





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