Too Much


I over drink tea. Till now, I hadn’t been conscious about this habit.Daily two times a day I want tea. Only some accident can prevent me from relishing it. There is an expectancy to have listen to the sipping sound, the dipping of the tongue ,it’s sinking in the giant pool of stomach. People have told me that it isn’t healthy. Tea adds to acidity. The advices couldn’t make me feel uncomfortable about the tea habit.

This has set my brain ticking about couple of other habits that we acquire becomes so very important. There is immense agitation if we are told to minimize it. We Demand the habit to be fixed , certain and in excessive proportion. I observe my friends who are working in corporate jobs. They are attracted in accumulating money for having pleasures for later life. Another habit that has been quite visible of late, is the blind eye turned towards the bright skies, the chirping birds and breezing wind.

There are so many of these habits, it is difficult to spell out all of them. I would like to makes us reflect on these sayings by Lao Tzu:

‘ one should not pour water into full vessel.

There is no sense in sharpening an edge too much.

If a room is overfilled with gold and Jasper.who will guard it?

Excessiveness causes all the problems

When the work is finished, one must retire’





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