Reality ??

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I must be honest. Art didn’t strike the chords with me for a long time. all this things are considered by my folks – irrational , not lucrative, a complicated time destruction. My opinions thus were mostly influenced in a negative manner.but deep down I had fascination for colors, strange figures, a different world .

Later on ,art became associated with loads of myths. It is solely accomplished by is too abstract. Common people hardly have the necessary flair for relishing the also was my immense attraction towards science and logic , which perpetuated the fallacious reasoning.hence,the neglect

Recently , as a matter of chance I encountered Magritte works.they were disturbing, perplexing and absurd.i was struck by the way he sees the can’t be termed as representation of what is seen.firstly, I saw his painting – this is not a pipe. the simple appearance was betrayed by the was like a deep cracking on the craters.the deep insight along with the simplicity struck me.then, the quest began. the next painting was rape. We hear often about commercialization of women’s is said more habitually.the painting is bold and blunt for the audience.the moment you set eyes on it, the eyes are the breast and the mouth is the vagina. the face is the body. It hits hard on how we think about the other.

The unconscious is the source of hindrance as well as creative humming.the choice is ours to make. Different things are necessary to break our cocoons of conformity.










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