images (21).jpg any color . like a chameleon.

Fluid.formless.shape changing master.

Bursting rapidly from a tap.

Silently dripping slowly forming circles.s serenely touching the beings of earth,ocean and air

Reticent and gentle travelling through centuries.overflowing at times, with passion, and wrath.

This is water in myriad ways.

The brain is hardwired to see it dully . As a means to wash the human dirt.teeth, clothes, shit,body, create food. To beautify the gardens.

So, we began with the routine.seeing water as a tool to fulfill the ends.survival, hygiene, beautiful. The water bill causing anguish and irritation.why is water expensive! Or if once in a while, water connection gets lost.the world turns upside down.swear words float.damn! Bloody water.blame the authorities.the richer people.even the poor.

The admired forms of water comes in the form of artificially colored stuff.squash, colas,cold coffees,teas,beers,vodkas etc. Consuming it makes us smile,gloat like a balloon.addictively, marching to these shops of colored water, gives a sense of joy to the eyes, another escapade.

Coming across a gutter in a downtown.or even a dirty river. Squeezing the noses tightly , with an awkward stupid expression.we get ready, to bombard the river with crude compliments.this gutter is the creation by the poor God’s.

The fact is simple.this is water!





















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