Don’t you get bugged with this winged, four sticky legged sophisticated bug?

Majority of us do get irritated by the sight, buzzing, tickling our sensitive ears by it.but rarely,do we reflect on our own tendency to become flies ourselves.

As soon as we enter the marketplace, the metamorphosis occurs.a giant human trapped as a insect.the herd of insects seeketh the great men.the actor who represents by falsehood is made a hero.the insects buzz and monger  around him.they seek a ready-made diet of blood which the master supplies daily- mixing the curry with all varieties of sauces. the herd lives in awe and fear, in the byelanes of the messy marketplace. It doesn’t attempt to discover fiercely the matter on its merits, following instead the dragon who will devor them.they would be robbed of their reasoning again going back away from even the saner ape.the era of worshipping the sly zealots will make mankind sink deeper in the catastrophe.such men are merely machines, alienated, chanting names and mantras happy even on the verge of ruins.

So, we are reminded by nietzche to flee to solituide,away from the mobs.to ponder on nature- the still tree, the mighty mountains, musical raindrops.to learn the eternal wisdom.silent and invisible plunging in the depth of our own minds.be wary of the mob who suspiciously licks the foot of the master with ambitions of its own.glittery praise and hurt alike is shallow.travel beyond the glass ceiling as you are the stars meant to flow gently, in the mysterious universe.






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