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Its an oft repeated  belief :youth spoils by whims and passion. old age gifted by wisdom.uncle defied this simple description.

Lets begin with the exterior.tall, fair and frail with a quietude. Rarely smiling, taciturn. Dressed with the utmost attention. As of the brain, he was sharp in professional matter. Bagged the prestigious position in bureaucracy. with a impressive expression, wit and serious demeanor, he had a network of friends and acquaintances. By the virtue of it, numerous of the relatives and people of the village were able to get respectable jobs.

Being the head of the family.there was honor attached with carrying on ones duties as well earning recognition.for me, he was projected like a complex god.to be feared, look down when he spoke , holding your breath etc.being of a rebellious temperament ,I was rather bored with these rituals.

Inside when i digged instead of iron, the fresh born baby was found.indeed, the hard exterior had a weak, ailing man.a harsh word paralyzed him.his curious expression was a sign of confusion and self doubt.his children too appeared distant from the shore of his life.the mind was trapped in the muddy waters of the past. All manners and the cultivated habits departed.he now wore a dirty old cloth with little interest in what he was doing. His helplessness made him break his glass house.reach out, but till then all the men and women had left.suffering was burning him to see what will come out.as if one has to accumulate a lot and then lose it to learn.

I just observed the transition of man from light to darkness or may be the opposite. The experience isn’t crude or great.maybe, these moments are to be lived seamlessly.the children of the universe can merry around, cry and depart in this divine game.


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