Death of a doctor

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‘ it’s not what a man of science believes that distinguishes him; but how and why he believes.his beliefs are tentative, not dogmatic.based on evidence, not authority or intuition ‘ – Russell

A junior doctor begans his research. He develops a vaccine to eradicate leprosy from the face of the it day or night,he works passionately in his simple, home lab.he doesnt have time for his sensitive wife.

With the help of a science reporter , his vaccine gets known to the public at large.the world doesn’t understand his work.there is the vanity of ambition, arrogance and authority of some doctors and bureaucrats. He is mocked at ridiculously in a seminar.we can hear him saying science will tell what is true. But the world was deaf.

Though barriers were there, his work is recognized in usa. In the end , he flies off to do what he wanted- ceaselessly immerse in the pool of questions.

Well can there be any discovery if a mind is not curious from the beginning.where there is freedom to fail, wander, surprise.hasnt the saints of authority been the biggest pillar who stop man from jumping across to explore. Haven’t enough lives been lost in this silly game of respect and position.our society as well as our minds are still imprisoned by several prisons which crushes our abilites to move forward and reach towards unknown peaks, galaxies.




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