I am no longer  a believer.before, I was dogmatic and unconscious about beliefs. there was a great amount of trust in a brainless lamb, i follower

This lead to immense passion for religion, political ideals, achievers .a imposition of moral virtues further created a godly image. This also gave rise to conflicts with others who cling to their own set of ideals.

The days of breakdown started. Disappointments  and contradictions. As the ideal didn’t correspond to the in a illusionary idea is dangerous. Kept on flashing  back , the days of making the image and its final demise. Then, I became cynical and rejectionist  of the ideals.there was  bitterness and anger didn’t solve my, the world became bleak, myself began erasing , cutting, editing , fading quickly.this denial was also a trap.

Finally, it isn’t about accepting or rejection.not a fabricated opinion web.its still is confined to the ideas and stories in the head.opinons are generally handed down to us by the society.but the way is staying with what is – facts.then, there is no need to be superstitious and dogmatic .

Till now, I feared the darkness

Like a child Crawling

To the world

Afresh, I break the cages

Of deception and makebelieves.

The glimmeringsunshines

Makes a everlasting golden being

Who doesn’t fear and seek

Or escape from the moment

However mean

Rising above the mental games.









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