Soft or brittle

Lao tzu- ‘men are born soft and supple.dead they are stiff and hard.plant are born tender and pliant.dead they are brittle and dry.the hard and stiff will be broken. The soft and supple will prevail.’

In the movie- stalker( 1979) the stalker utters these wise words.he wants the travellers to the zone to have hope.the travellers with belief in the miraculous power of zone will get solace. But the writer and the scientist were into their certainty of science.they were guided by the personal dejections.they couldn’t experience the dynamic changing effect of the zone. Rather, the stalker himself in the last scene, gets deluded with the purpose of his taking the lost men to the zone. He cries bitterly on the coldheartedness of the intelligentsia

This irony prevails in reality too.the well read are too sure and certain.there is little room for flexibility – like a iron pillar.the seed which naturally grows without resistance is the wise. It’s declining as the age of information form quick opinions on the basis of possessions, not sensitivity.









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