Your ship

Today, was quite a dry day.i tried an experiment. The experiment was that I won’t be bothered about life of other people.i won’t interfere in order to help or harm anyone.

The situation was a fight between my uncle’s over property.generally, I used to get in the game of supporting one party.but this time I was like an observor.just moving along, not struggling.

It was an eye opening moment.normally, we get involved in life of others.we idealised this entire way, we lose our own selves.we just don’t pay attention to what we think.the sentimental side clouds our fertile brain.we cry, yell and grow grumpy.becoz the other doesn’t reciprocate our efforts.your help can actually cause a lot of harm.the good that you think, if good from your perspective.we also forget the context during such dispute.remembering Krishnamurti, I began seeing without evaluating.the view was without was real.there was little stress or turmoil that was experienced.

‘Captain of the little ship

No rushing to the shore

Flowing leisurely

Like the empty boat’




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