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Today, my friend asked me to suggest some books for her younger brother.the first name that striked me was roald Dahl. So, I myself tempted picked ‘ the Twits’.the funny, quirky, loony drawings by Quentin Blake are the cherry on the cake.

The first character that appears is Mr twit . He is very hairy fellow. He never washes. All varieties of food stick to his hair. This unkemptness , darkness ( represented with hair) points out to his horridness.

Mrs Twit, his wife is not hairy. She used to look sweet in her younger days.but the ugly thoughts gave her a crooked nose, yellow mashed teeth.she carries a walking stick to hit kids and dogs. Sunbeam can’t touch her.

The story follows numerous tricks they play on each other. The old hag and wombat never get tired .the man’s throat pains when he drinks the beer.his wife secretly placed her glass in it.the man takes a frog to bite his hag. bitter wormy spaghetti greets Mr Twit. The lady has a mighty laugh!

The couple loved eating bird pie. The bird catching technique was quite sinster. Mr Twit applied a hugtight glue on the trees branches. Poor birds landed got thrown into the pie.once, the crazy head was going have a boys pie.the smart kids escaped naked.

They were also pet haters.they caged a monkey family. The monkeys had to stand upside down for ages to please the Masters. Obviously, they were tired and waiting for revenge. The moment arrived when a roly – poly bird arrives who sings a nice alarming song for  birds . The bird pie days end. Twits’ go to the market to buy a superkiller  gun.

The monkeys and birds now plan to turn twits’ upside down. The entire ceiling is glued .the house is upside down. When twits come back, they are shocked .they will die with blood flowing the wrong way.the glue is also on their head. The animals escape. Twits shrink , quarreling continuously.only their smelly clothes remain.

My thoughts about the story . Dont be a Twit. dark, bitter , revengeful. Hating everyone around you- a little kid, animals.if we are horrid inside, the things around us will turn out to be ugly. In their case,hairy appearance, ugly face, prison like house,thistles , dead trees,trapped monkeys.our behavior would be always quarreling , pulling others down, calling too much bad names. One day , one of the kid or animal whom we hurt, may pay us back.or we can die a lonely , cold death.we will ‘Shrink’. The end can give us nightmares.but we, have enough time to ponder upon….



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