Purpose as an idea has occupied an important place for human being.there must be an explanation, a reason behind it. Science is laid on this insatiable curosity of man.the ancient world was a land of strange rituals and superstitions. Lightening , fire, earthquake,gravity is not a vengeance of God.it works under natural laws. Certain metaphysical  questions about the origin of the universe, it’s relevance still persists and are quite disputed.

People across the globe are driven by the will to progress.what does it mean?. My understanding is that it is limited to quantitative increase in the materials one has.it is producing envy and imitation. We want to ‘ become’like a celebrity,sportsman, CEO etc.it had to be considered that a) every human being is unique in his ideas, capabilities. The systems are tried to standardise. But still cultural, social , economic, perceptual differences exist.b) there is no necessity for imitation in life. There can be influences. No certain model for men/ women.it is not a scientific machine.c) humans are not tools for ends. They are ends in themselves. They are born to create their own versions of living. D) our so called goals are themselves given by society. Most of us, find it difficult to reduce the immense pressure of conforming to certain standards derived according to the traditions. Eg. In India , marriage is considered essential for a complete life.singlehood is frowned upon.e) there is a high degree of neurosis, anxiety contained in search for obtaining more and more. Remember, Alexander.you will weep, for not having enough.ivan Ilyich also wanted a better salary, perfect house and harmony.death watered down his planned life.f)happiness doesn’t arise from what we desire. The modern world with everything, still faces violence, hunger, suicides.

Life without thinking about ends  can be quite refreshing.it is like the tao says, spring comes , the grass grows.there is no struggle.it happens naturally.i have experienced it. When we start seeing life in the present. We see that the only job is living.the future and past are images in our head. Not real. the level of engagement with our own selves, with our work, our relations change. We don’t seek something from them either.we just want to laugh , smile and be in it.  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/purpose/


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