I don’t know . This line keep on hitting back . It can be an absence of words. Some expressions can’t be conveyed by words. The reliance on internet further makes the handicap more acute.there is a human being , out there, from the woods, mountains, crowded shining city, glued to that black microbox. He may cry, shout, laugh, paranoid, ecstatic , irritated. Too distant inspite of the long chatter.still the heart seeks that voice, touch, smell( even stinky!).

The flowing of information is humongous .like being lost in a complex jigsaw puzzle, a twisted maze. we seek opinions of others. As soon as some quote of a thinker is placed on say, Facebook. The comments section is exploded. Most of them deal not with what is being said. It is a judgement of agreeing or disagreeing. The context, the meaning of the sentence gets twisted according to the mind of the audience. Reflection is but minimum. The debate with the one of contrary opinion s reduced to a battle for superiority which if not online,would be a tirade of slangs, punches and probably murder.the people who agree form their own gangs.military artillery are loaded against the other. Whatever viel of sobriety and coquettish manners which were exhibited in public life even towards a pricky rival is discarded. The vulgar sword is brandished with a strange satisfaction that nobody can catch me. I can go out naked as I am. It is more obscene,pretensious, strangely real. The enlightened anarchy visioned by Gandhi would be blushing at the site of this mobocracy






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